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Hockeymanager 2015/2016
Das Original seit 2005!

Mit dem kannst du deine NL Mannschaft betreuen und gemäss den reellen Resultaten Punkte sammeln. Stelle Deine eigene Liga mit Deinen Freunden und Bekannten zusammen. Die Anmeldung ist kostenlos!


05.02.2016 – New Players

New players
- Maxim Lapierre (Lugano)
- Robbie Earl (Bienne)
- Alexei Dostoinov (Bienne)

Game Periods and transfers

- Third Period: 6 transfers 28.12.2015 - 27.02.2016

- Playoff: 3 transfers from 28.02.2016 until 03.03.2016, 2 transfers from the end of the last 1/4 finals series until 17.03.2016

Player Value Changes
6. 28.02.2016 (00:00 - 12:00)

Actual Jackpot: CHF 1'189.80 (594.90 Winner, 594.90 Do Good)

For each subscribed manager, with at least one active team, we will add 0.20 CHF to the Jackpot, the final draw will be a real prize equivalent to 50% of the Jackpot.

Half of the Jackpot we will give to:


Continue to subscribe and make your teams because that will be proportionally related to our final prize draw. League and Prizes
Check the prizes drawn by of our partner and Ochsner Hockey. To participate you must subscribe to their league.

Assistant Captain

This season you will have the possibility to define also an Assistant-Captain Player in your teams, his score will be calculated x 1.5. This functionality will be available on the Ice Page before the first game in september.


Review both the rules and points pages to better understand the game.

TOP500 Bonus and Virtual Badges
For each period any team can win 3.5 mio extra budget (2 + 1 + 0.5) and unlimited virtual badges.

Gold 1-50: +2 Millions
Silver 51-200: +1 Millions
Bronze  201-500: +0.5 Millions

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Suggested browser Google Chrome.

Have fun!