About Us

The Hockeymanager Team

Raffael Egloff   (Founder, Ceo REDESIGN SAGL) : IT architect 

Mikaël Trigo da Silva (Hardware Engineer) : Game architect & Visuals

Grégory Beaud (Journalist  & Co_founder of Cold Facts)  : Game architect, Visuals & Communication 

Jean-Frédéric Debétaz (Journalist & Co_founder of Clol Facts)  : Communication

Claudio Naldi (Digital Business Strategist) : Marketing & Original owner of Hockeymanager.ch since 2006

Andy St Baker-Radice (Partnerships Manager): Marketing & joined hockeymanager.ch in 2011



REDESIGN offers many years of experience and expertise gained from all its employees in the ambit of information, technology and design.
The constant commitment to offer solutions for every need is the core of a wide range of products and services: from graphic design to advertising. From planning to development, service hosting, web sites design and mobile applications.
More info on www.redesign.swiss

Cold Facts Podcast 
Since May 2018 and the World Championship in Denmark, journalists Grégory Beaud (Blick.ch) and Jean-Frédéric Debétaz of the Keystone-ATS agency have been discussing and analyzing in their own way everything that happens in swiss ice hockey during the season.

More info on  www.cold-facts.ch